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Have you ever thought that you need garage door maintenance services? This area is usually neglected by homeowners, and problems turn costly once they start appearing. Save money and protect your property by checking every area meticulously to ensure everything is in order. Our professionals in Seattle, WA, will inspect every part and analyze what it needs and the best course of action. Get our garage door service today!

Let Us Inspect Your Garage Doors

We Perform a Variety of Tasks

Every homeowner has different needs, and we’ll work efficiently to get your system working as soon as possible. Ensure that every piece of equipment is in good condition! Certain components like the springs can break with time and cause serious damage. Our team ensures that this doesn’t happen.

When getting our garage door maintenance service, we’ll complete the following tasks:
  • Tightening all nuts and bolts
  • Inspecting each part of the system
  • Garage door spring maintenance
  • Garage door opener maintenance
  • Lubricating hinges, rollers, and springs

Get Reliable Garage Door Services

We Don’t Cut Corners–Talk to Us!

Whether you need garage door replacement or garage door maintenance, we’ll arrive at your property in Seattle, WA, and inspect the area. We don’t cut corners, so rest assured that we’ll locate every single issue. At Open Says Me, LLC, we take pride in our availability so you can schedule your garage door service annually or bi-annually. Let us create a customized maintenance plan that makes your doors open and close smoothly and without trouble. Get in touch with our experts today and ask about what else we can do for you.

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Get garage doors for your new home or to replace your old ones.

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Detect and fix minor issues to prevent them from turning worse.

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Repair problems right on time to increase your door's lifespan.

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